We are pleased to announce that AMS Group has now completed a transaction to purchase Gabbro Precision’s Materials Division. With immediate effect the business will trade under its traditional name of ESS Ancon Limited. 

It’s very much business as usual except we will be improving our product offering with increased stocks of traditional alloys and greater access to nickel alloy products.

Email addresses, phones, systems and paperwork have all been updated to reflect ESS Ancon and will be forwarded onto as the established domain name which will be used by everyone as their assigned email address.

ESS Ancon will be relocating to customised facilities in the South Yorkshire area over the next year. 

There are many other positive benefits which we will be happy to discuss in due course, but for now we are concentrating on cost efficiencies, operational effectiveness and supply chain improvements. 

We would like to thank all our valued customers for their continued support as we go through this brief transition period.

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